Own Brand Products

With over 40 years experience within the field of filtration we have been able to bring together a range of filtration products that we feel offer exceptional value for money and yet still meet the criteria of high performance and exacting standards.

The majority of these products are of UK or European manufactured origin which we feel helps us to maintain and control the standards that we have set. The products that we have available make up a range which is complimentary to the top branded products that we offer.

These products are market driven and offer what we consider to be the best option where performance is important and economics must be considered.

Wound Depth Cartridges

Wound Cartridges

This range of UK manufactured precision wound depth filter cartridges are manufactured to give a considerable dirt holding capacity coupled with high flow rates and low pressure loss. These cartridges consist of a perforated support core of plastic or metal onto which yarn is wound at a pre-set rate, providing each rating of element with its own distinctive winding pattern and performance. During the winding process the yarn is usually brushed (or napped). This has the effect of increasing the working area of the elements thus providing a higher dirt holding capacity whilst maintaining the rigid structure. Although the cartridges are mainly for liquid filtration, they can also be employed for gases. Other fibres such as polyester, cotton and glass fibre can operate at higher temperatures and have differing chemical compatibility. For very high temperatures and for very strong oxidising agents, baked glass fibre elements are used. Glass fibre elements are fitted with voiles and stainless steel cores as standard, other cartridges can also be fitted with voiles where necessary in order to reduce fine fibre shedding.


HTPP Spun Bonded Polypropylene Cartridges


Spun bonded Polypropylene - NOW EC FOOD COMPLIANT

New generation spun bonded polypropylene cartridges are the best solution for sediment filtration removing rust particles, sand, silt and other particulate deposits from liquids. High-grade polypropylene fibre is resistant to many chemicals and bacteria growth. Modern technology used to manufacture these cartridges uses fine grade fibres in the inner layers and coarse fibres in the outer layers, this provides accurate true graded density filtration in the range 1 to 100 microns.



Products at a Glance

  • Air & Gas
  • Process Liquid
  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
PDF Product Application Material EC Food Compliant Micron Length
Spun Bond         Pure polypropylene spun bonded EU Food Compliant Filters 1 - 100 up to 50"
Wound         Polypropylene, cotton or fibreglass on polypropylene or stainless steel core. Standard 65mm dia or 104mm dia (BB style) No 1 - 150 up to 40"


Depth Filters

If a filter cartridge relies upon particulate removal throughout the entire thickness of filter media it is termed a depth filter. Often the filter media in this style of cartridge is graded in density such that coarse particles are removed at the surface and finer particlate is removed at the typically denser core. This type of product is available in nominal and absolute ratings.