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If a filter cartridge relies upon particulate removal throughout the entire thickness of filter media it is termed a depth filter. Often the filter media in this style of cartridge is graded in density such that coarse particles are removed at the surface and finer particlate is removed at the typically denser core. This type of product is available in nominal and absolute ratings.

Depth Filter Cartridges - PDF downloads

  • Air & Gas
  • Process Liquid
  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
PDF Product Application Material EC Food Compliant Micron Length
Avasan         Nominal melt blown polypropylene No 1 - 75 to 40"
DuraBond         Nominal bonded polyolefin No 1 - 100 to 40"
ProBond         Nominal phenolic resin/acrylic fibre No 2 - 75 to 40"
Spunflow QA         Absolute bonded PP or polyester/nylon EU Food Compliant Filters 0.5 - 120 to 40"
Spunflow QE         High efficiency (99%) melt blown PP EU Food Compliant Filters 3 - 75 to 40"
Spunflow QN         Nominal melt blown polypropylene EU Food Compliant Filters 0.5 - 250 to 40"

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