Filtration of Air and Gas

There is an increasing demand in the food and beverage industry for sterile air/gas which can be used in applications such as line clearing, storage tanks, machines and the venting of gas from storage tanks. It is essential that whenever gases come into contact with product or process equipment, any microbiological contamination is removed to guarantee product safety, uniform quality and extended shelf life. Parker domnick hunter provide a range of class-leading products with a proven track record. Filters include: PTFE impregnated glass microfibre (PTFE/GF), Polypropylene (PP), Glass microfibre (GF) and Polyetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).

Filter Cartridges for Gas - PDF downloads

PDF Product Material EC Food Compliant Micron Length
High Flow BIO-X Hydrophobic PTFE impregnated micro-fibre EU Food Compliant Filters down to 0.01 micron up to 40"
High Flow Tetpor II Hydrophobic PTFE membrane EU Food Compliant Filters 0.2 microns up to 40"
High Flow Prepor GFA Polypropylene EU Food Compliant Filters 1 micron up to 40"
PEPLYN Air Polypropylene EU Food Compliant Filters 1 micron up to 40"


Tetpor filters from Parker domnick hunter utilise a PTFE membrane to provide competitive performance and value in sterile air applications. Also available in high temperature formats.

High Flow BIO-X

High flow rates and dirt holding capacity make HIGH FLOW BIO-X the filter of choice within the fermentation and beverage industries. A combination of PTFE and glass fibre media provides a product with high voids volume and added strength giving unrivalled performance in applications such as the provision of sterile gas to filling machines.

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